Footwork vs. Hands? Save Zone vs. EST?

Footwork vs. Hands? “Save Zone” saves vs. “EST” (Emergency Save Technique) saves? For 25+ years, I have watched many a GK training session. I often peer in amazement as the GK trainer runs this wonderfully designed session except for one vital component…footwork. The most important part of goalkeeping, yet devoid of training sessions and not just in youth soccer, but includes college and professional.

Training Bounce, Set Position Rhythm

Of all the questions I am asked about goalkeeping in courses or camps, understanding the “training bounce”, “set” or “ready” position ranks in the Top 3. When I discuss with players this CRITICAL aspect of footwork, I emphasis the need of being balanced, light on the balls of the feet, and ready to react to any shot, deflection, or through ball.


Whether it is a through ball behind the line with an offensive player running on or a player who has broken through the defensive back line and is dribbling in at you, the one thing in common with these situations is you are the only thing between the player with the ball and the goal. The other thing both of these situations share is that it requires you to come off your line to deal with the player and the ball. Lets talk about both of these in their simplest terms. 

Dealing with High Balls


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