Clean Sheet Goalkeeper Academy officially began in 2010 with a vision to COACH goalkeepers, not just train. A GK coach goes beyond the HOW and digs deeper into areas of development equating to educate the position of goalkeeper. “Since early in my coaching, the one constant is the lack of quality training at the goalkeeper position. Clubs spend time and money developing field player skill, all with the goal to score…well goals. Very little attention is given to stopping the growing technical development of attackers. In 2005, when I was named Director of Goalkeeping with KFC, I became part of a club emphasizing GK training. The difference it made in our teams was supremely obvious.”


“FCA had in many instances, better teams. But KFC had this army of goalkeepers that kept them in games, often resulting in positive results. Their curriculum for GK development was far and above anything we had seen locally, state and nationally, and that is directly accredited to Gary Hindley and Don Maples.” -Jon Schneider; Executive Director of FC Alliance


CSGKA believes goalkeeping is unique and often undervalued by teammates, coaches, and unfortunately by clubs. Truly developing an “elite” goalkeeper is a two-way athlete must be fully committed and motivated. Secondly, one must locate a coach specializing in the position, creates an environment that is mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding, while building relationships where honest, often critical, feedback is viewed as a vital part of the process to challenge and bring out the best inside each player. This approach has resulted in CSGKA having a high rate of repeat students. Our 1-on-1 sessions, small group training, and camps are highly sought after due to our commitment to individual attention. From Day 1, CSGKA has accepted only a select number of players and will continue to do so, ensuring quality training environments. CSGKA believes in QUALITY coaching over QUANTITY, emphasizing a “player first” approach unique to athletic camps today.  "Having greater numbers transforms training sessions into “shooting galleries” with little individual attention, correction given, and evaluations are handed out like “Participation Trophies."


Eleven years later, a few select players have stepped into the intensely focused training environments, emerging better, mentally tough, confident with an in-depth knowledge of the most important position on a soccer team. CSGKA trains all levels of goalkeepers from beginner to professional, yet CSGKA is not for everyone. CSGKA realizes there are many coaches, camps for your son or daughter to attend, and we invite you to email to explore whether CSGKA is the right environment for you.


CSGKA believes the game, specifically the goalkeeper position, continually changes. Therefore, coaches must be fluid, evolving their training methods to insure players under their tutelage are at the top of their game. CSGKA is 100% committed to researching the latest techniques, tactical aspects, fitness, nutrition, and mental preparedness. CSGKA also sees the opportunity to educate the whole person which are areas often overlooked, yet make a huge impact on a goalkeeper’s development and preparation not only for college, but for life.