Claire Keenan

2017-18 Player of the Year / Coastal Carolina Univ. 2019 Commit

Don Maples is the consummate professional. His coaching has assisted our daughter in her preps for collegiate soccer. Don has trained her periodically for the past five years, in TN and FL. Don is one of those rare coaches that demands excellence and earns his protégés’ allegiance through his demands of and belief in his players.
Our daughter was a good athlete and keeper before she trained with Don, but his coaching helped her reach much higher levels of technical expertise and physical readiness.
Don is a high-level coach, not for the feint of heart. His sessions are physically demanding and highly technical. He demands commitment and focus from his players; in return, they receive high tempo, demanding, technical and fun instruction. He reads his players well and tailors his training to build on their strengths and improve shortcomings.
The number of Don’s players that have advanced to collegiate careers is reflective of his expertise. Our daughter just committed to Coastal Carolina (a mid sized D1 in Sc) and large number of the other male and female keepers she has trained with under Don are at or committed to other topnotch Division 1 and 2 programs.
Beyond being an excellent coach, he is a great mentor. He is realistic and honest in his players evaluations and genuinely cares about their progress. He has followed up with Clare as she has progressed through club and high school soccer and continues to help her prepare for her collegiate days ahead.
If you have a player who is a serious athlete and is ready to work hard and learn great skills with a wonderful coach, Don Maples is the coach you seek.

-Gwen Keenan...Mother of Claire Keenan (2017-18 Player of the Year; 2019 Coastal Carolina Univ. Commitment ...NCAA D1)

Ben Pehr

University of Alabama-Huntsville

"Ben has been blessed with many outstanding coaches in his journey. But I would like to call out one coach...Coach Don Maples pushed Ben to depths of courage to do what is required in training to be an elite keeper on the field." 

                                                         -Steve Pehr...Father of Ben Pehr (2018 Commit to University of Alabama-Huntsville NCAA D1)

Ailey Tibbett

University of Florida

"Don Maples has been described as the best goalkeeper coach in the country and after seeing his sessions, I have no doubt that is the case. Don has been coaching my daughter for over a year and we regularly make a 1000 mile round trip journey from Florida to work with him, and it’ is well worth the effort. The training is physically intense, but its Coach Maples’ attention to detail that sets him apart from the rest.  Every aspect of goalkeeping from footwork, positioning, agility and handling is dissected and corrected to improve the keeper’s technique. Every goalkeeper who is serious about playing college or beyond needs to spend time with Coach Maples at the Clean Sheet Goalkeeper Academy."

- Ian Tibbett...Father of Ailey Tibbett (University of Florida)

Miriam Janoyan

Catholic HS...Two Time State Champion

"After playing goalkeeper for about a year, I started training with Coach Don. My first training session was terrifying, as it was so fast paced and intense. As I continued my training, I started to enjoy the fast paced, intense, high expectations environment. It drives you to be the best you can be and not let yourself down. My favorite quote is “Deal with It!” Rarely does everything go your way when playing in goal and you really do have to deal with it no matter the situation. He gave me insight and knowledge that no other coach has given me. Coach Don is the smartest “Coaching Nerd” and is truly an amazing coach that impacts your career. It’s a lot of hard work, but TOTALLY worth it!"  

-Miriam Janoyan…(Two Time State Champion…Milligan College Commit 2018)

Katie Whitaker

Catholic HS / KFC '98...(Four Time State Champion, Region 3 Champion and National Finalist)

"I started training with Don when as a 6th grader and he helped me respect and love the position of goalkeeper.  He taught me that you have to work twice as hard as field players to be good at goalkeeping. Some of my favorite memories of goalkeeping are making huge saves in practice or in games knowing for a fact, I could not have made those saves without countless triangle drills. Before Coach Don, I was taught goalkeeping is purely based off whether you have good hands or not. In reality, Coach Don taught me that “If your feet can't get you to the ball, then your hands don't matter.”  In my years with Coach Don, I learned more about soccer than I imagined, plus how to be a leader on the field. I'm extremely thankful for Coach Don challenging me, having confidence in me, being honest in my abilities and for helping me get so far in my soccer career." 

  -Katie Whitaker… (Four Time State Champion, Region 3 Champion and National Finalist…Class of 2017)


Bailey Coyers

Soddy Daisy High School / CFC Elite '01...Class of 2019

"Bailey was a busy GK this past season. She made First Team All-District and All-Region again. She has been asked to play for CFC Elite and within the first week was moved up to the Premier team. We are going to Orlando next Wednesday and will be playing in the ESPN Disney Showcase. Many of the CFC coaches can’t believe Bailey has not played select before. They asked if she had any training and I told them, "She had trained with the great goalie coach Don Maples. The skills Bailey has, she learned from you. So as far as me and Bailey are concerned, there is a "Great Goalie Coach" named Don Maples."

-Keith Coyner...Father of Bailey (1st Team All-District/All-Region - Soddy Daisy HS Class of 2019)

Piper Wilson

Carter High School

"Ok, I have to brag on our girl.  She told me about you sharing the time you played an entire game with a broken finger, so I guess she was determined to show you how tough she is.  She played her ass off last night, making stop after stop, going into the fray despite her own broken finger. Please understand that, three years ago, this girl was a couch potato who ducked and covered her face if you tossed her the car keys!  You are creating a monster and I am, sincerely, grateful! Keep up the good work!"

-Carol Wilson, Mother of Piper (CHS Class of 2019)

Carmen Camenzind

Tottenham Hotspur Tallahassee 06 Girls Elite

"After a week of battling Florida heat, earning bruises, scrapes, and sore muscles, dealing with a coach who pushes hard, expects great effort, and having a mini breakdown during the last 15 minutes of scrimmages...this "mini" keeper STILL wants to attend another camp and STILL has a desire to better herself in this position. Thanks Coach for a fantastic week, and thanks to the older keepers who are encouraging and role models for her!"

-Jaimie Camezind...(Mother of Carmen Camezind...TTHFC 06 Girls Elite)

Chloe Maxey

Central High School...2016 Goalkeeper of the Year

"Chloe had played AYSO since 8 years old. She came to a small group session per the suggestion of her high school coach, BIll Mize. Who knew there was so much to being a goalkeeper? The session was a tough, no excuses accepted, oddly encouraging, given the challenging environment we came to expect and enjoy. Under coach Don, Chloe maximized her ability, growing confidently which shown through in all aspects of her life. It was an amazing transformation from a girl just playing goalkeeper, to actually becoming a goalkeeper culminating her senior, being voted GK of the Year by the coaches in Centrals district. "

-Julie Maxey, Mother of Chloe; (2016 District GK of the Year - CHS Class of 2017)

Taylor Mauck

Hardin Valley Academy...Three Time State Champion

"Taylor has been very fortunate to train with you for years..So far she has not had a serious injury and I contribute that to training with you. Taylor has been stepped on and had cleat marks on the back of her head, jaw kicked, and deep bruise on her shin that took 6 months for the feeling to come back , all were 1v1. That would be the one training I would say do not miss."

-Sophia Mauck, Mother of Taylor; (Three Time State Champion...HVA Class of 2018)

Taylor Elrod

TN Wesleyan University

"Our daughter Taylor started training with Don in 2011. In one session, it was evident this was the environment she needed. Everything from the smallest details in technique to more complex tactical intricacies were covered. Nothing is easy about the training. While it may seem extreme, there isn’t one thing Taylor would change.  Don challenged Taylor to “Deal with It” in soccer, in growing up, in life. She grew from a girl playing soccer into an athlete reaching her goal to play in college and young lady prepared for life.  Don goes beyond the X’s and O’s."

-Donna Elrod..Mother of Taylor Elrod (2017 TWU Commit  / NAIA)

Ryan Stribley

Duke University...Class of 2014

"Don trained our son “from scratch” to become a physically, technically and tactically proficient and savvy goalkeeper and soccer player.  Don took him from a marginal recreational player to an All-State high school goalkeeper with the potential to play Division I college soccer. He is honest, forthright, cares deeply, and is genuinely interested in his players. He sets high expectations for his players, in technical proficiency, behavior on the field, in sportsmanship, and his players rise to meet his expectations.  We will always be grateful for everything Don did for our son, and highly recommend him."

-Bob Stribley (Ryan Stribley Father...Duke University 2014)

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